MTMIS Vehicle Verification

MTMIS Punjab - Vehicle Verification & Application Tracking

In order to check your vehicle detail, please enter a valid vehicle number. In the case of application tracking, you have to provide the application number and chassis number of the vehicle.

Details Available through MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification

Users only need to enter the vehicle's registration number into MTMIS Punjab to get information about it. The verification method is quick and easy to use and user’s friendly

⦁ Vehicle Verification
⦁ Application Tracking

1.Vehicle Verification:-

MTMIS Punjab provides various details about registered vehicles. Here are the typical Vehicle Verification details available through MTMIS Punjab.

Registration Information

You can verify the registration status of a vehicle, including the registration number, registration date, and expiry date.

Owner Name

You may be able to access the name and contact details of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Owner Name

You may be able to access the name and contact details of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Vehicle Make and Model

Information about the make and model of the vehicle should be available.

Engine Number

You can often verify the engine number of the vehicle, helping ensure that they match the information provided in the vehicle's documents.

Token Tax Status

You can check whether the vehicle owner has paid the required token tax, which is a form of road tax.

Vehicle Token Tax Amount

The system may provide information about the amount of token tax due or paid for the vehicle.

Vehicle Color

Some systems may provide information about the color of the vehicle.

Vehicle Type

You can find out whether the vehicle is a car, motorcycle, truck, or another type of vehicle.

Application Application Tracking

You might be able to access information about the application and current application status.

Vehicle Price

You can now check vehicle price through this site.

2.Application Tracking:-

MTMIS now introduce new feature to track your application status just by entering the application number and chassis number.
Following are details available for application tracking.

Vehicle Owner Information

You can get information regarding vehicle owner details whick is owner name and father/husband name

Phase and Application Status

Through Application tracking you can now check the biometric details , application and phase status of vehicle

Vehicle Detail

You can also get information about vehicle detail such as engine number, year of manufacture and make and model of vehicle.