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Sindh Excise Taxation & Narcotics Department has developed the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) for Sindh Vehicle Verification Online, which allows you to check registration details of any vehicle by giving registered vehicle number. MTMIS Sindh allows checking details of all registered vehicles, including bikes, private cars, commercial vehicles, vans, cranes and tractors, which have been registered within the Sindh Province.

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MTMIS Sindh — Online Vehicle Registration Verification System


The Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) for Sindh Vehicle Verification and Registration Online was developed by the Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department of Sindh. By entering basic information, like the license plate number or car registration number, users can use this system to verify the registration details of any vehicle. To modernize and expedite the vehicle verification procedure, the Sindh administration in Pakistan built the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS). For car owners, law enforcement, and the general public, the installation of the vehicle verification system in Sindh has greatly improved ease, effectiveness, and transparency. People can check the details of any registered motor vehicle with the Excise and Taxation Department in Sindh Province by using the MTMIS Sindh Vehicle Verification Online system. This covers vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, semi-trucks, motorbikes, and private and commercial vehicles. The MTMIS online system has made the vehicle verification procedure in Sindh easier by giving car owners a convenient and always-accessible online platform. An vast database containing precise information about automobiles registered in the province is quickly and easily accessible to users.

Details Available through MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification

A vehicle's history can be accessed in MTMIS Sindh simply by entering the vehicle's registration number. The verification process is simple, quick, and straightforward

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MTMIS Sindh provides users with a variety of information regarding registered automobiles. The following is a list of the common details that may be accessed through MTMIS Sindh about vehicle verification

Registration Information

The registration number, registration date, and expiration date can all be utilized to ascertain the registration status of a vehicle.The MTMIS Sindh system offers a comprehensive range of information pertaining to registered vehicles. Listed below are the standard Vehicle Verification particulars that are accessible via MTMIS Sindh.

Owner Name

You may be able to access the name and contact details of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Father/Husband Information

You may be able to access the name of the father/husband details of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Owner City Name

You can also verify the owner city name by entering the registration number.

Vehicle Make and Model

Information about the make and model of the vehicle should be available.

Engine Number

You can often verify the engine number of the vehicle, helping ensure that they match the information provided in the vehicle's documents.

Token Tax Status

You can check whether the vehicle owner has paid the required token tax, which is a form of road tax.

Vehicle Color

Some systems may provide information about the color of the vehicle.

Vehicle Price

You can now check vehicle price through this site.

Benefits of using MTMIS Sindh

MTMIS Sindh provides numerous advantages to both individuals and management. Here are some of the primary benefits:

Preventing Vehicle Theft

The MTMIS verification system serves as a deterrent against the utilization of stolen cars. Buyers can mitigate the risk of purchasing a stolen vehicle by verifying the vehicle's registration and ownership status.

Ensuring Legitimacy

It helps confirm the integrity of a vehicle's registration, which in turn reduces the likelihood that a buyer may purchase a vehicle with forged or fake papers.

Reducing Fraud

These devices help to avoid fraudulent automobile purchase and selling practices. The inclusion of ownership and registration verification adds another barrier to the prevention of fraudulent activity.

Enhanced Vehicle Safety

By assisting law enforcement agencies in locating and identifying vehicles used in criminal activity, precise vehicle ownership information can enhance public safety.

Tax Collection

The implementation of vehicle verification systems facilitates the expeditious collection of token taxes and other government fees, while concurrently ensuring timely payment adherence by automobile owners.

Efficient Transfer of Ownership

These solutions enhance the efficiency of vehicle transfer procedures. When a vehicle undergoes a sale transaction, it has the potential to be immediately and precisely registered under the name of the new owner.

Transparency and Accountability

Such systems improve openness and accountability in car registration and ownership, limiting the opportunity for corruption and illicit actions inside government organizations.

Online Services

Online services are a common feature of car verification systems, allowing customers and sellers to do business and access data without having to go to a central location.

Reducing Disputes

These systems can aid in the resolution of sales and transfer disputes by giving an accurate record of car registration and ownership.

Improved Road Safety

Improved road safety can be achieved through the use of precise vehicle data in traffic management and accident investigations.


E-governance initiatives like vehicle verification systems aim to streamline and improve public service delivery by the government.